Water Mist Spray Nozzle High Pressure

The high pressure firefighting water mist nozzle is suitable for fire fighting, fire suppression, fire control, temperature control and dust reduction of various kinds of fires.

Water Mist Spray Nozzle High Pressure

Structure & Principles

High pressure water mist nozzle is mainly composed of nozzle tip, nozzle body, nozzle core and filter parts. The liquid rapidly spraying out from the nozzle orifices after passing through the nozzles at a certain pressure, producing strongly friction with the ambient air, thus the liquid flow is torn then becomes the water mist spraying along a certain angle.

The spraying mist for this high pressure water mist nozzle is grade I, Dv0.9≤100μ, it‘s high pressured, good spreading effected and long time water mist dwelled on. This nozzle is also water saving by decreasing the strength of fire fighting and controlling comparing with others.


  • Corrosion Resistance.
  • Creating the uniform and fine water mist, the particle size is less than 100 um, which can levitate for a long time.
  • High injection power, good effect for firefighting.
  • Unique eddy current design, various kinds of flow rates, suitable for different places.
  • With stainless steel strainer, which is good for clogging resistance.

Common Application:

Tunnel, medicine, archives, library, petrochemical industry, aerospace, military equipment, fire brigade and forest police, power, subway, coal industry,surface ship, electronics industry, food processing industry, commercial and civic buildings, large traffic vehicles, etc.


TypeClosed Type: with JOB Glass Ball
Thread TypeNPT, BSPT, Inner or External Thread
Thread SizeM18*1.5
Flow Factor KAbout 120°
Flow Rate5–21L/Min
Working Pressure10 Bar
Max Install Distance2.5–4m
Max Install Inlet3–5m