Dust Control in India
Spray Nozzle Online leading dust control consultant and expert, designs and manufactures in India. Dust control is an essential part of many industrial processes. Generally, dust suppression applications are classified into three situations.

Spray Nozzles Online supplies and integrates Dust Control System technology in India for various applications including Manufacturing, Industrial applications. Dust control treatment programs are designed to address many different types of dusting problems. In many handling operations, dust particles are created and/or released at transfer points or other downstream process areas. Spray Nozzles Online dust control programs offers a variety of binding, wetting, foaming and crusting agents that address fugitive dust and stabilize material stockpiles, landfills or tailings surfaces, reducing customers’ overall operating and maintenance costs.  Dustcontrol’s is to facilitate efficient production, increased productivity and a cleaner working environment for customers. We sell products and customized solutions that allow the customer to focus on their production. In addition, Dustcontrol offers service including accessories and spare parts. With mobile dust extractors and stationary central vacuum systems, Dustcontrol helps companies all over the world to more efficient production and to better production quality. We create a cleaner working environment by vacuuming dust and other contaminants. First, in a relatively confined space, such as air handling ducts and vents. Second, in an open area and relatively stationary state, such as crushers, dump pits, and other material handling locations. Third, in a semi-open area and in motion, such as the movement of conveying crushed stone, coal.


Dust Control Nozzle Applications

  • Dust control when conveying coal ash and sand
  • Humidify the top of tram
  • Wipe off dust from gas tower
  • Ferric oxide control in steel rolling
  • Coal ash control when dumping coal
  • Dust control at cement factory
  • Dust control when conveying wooden bits
  • Garbage clearing vehicle push down ash to ground
  • Dust control in conveying, loading and unloading garbage.

Dust Prevention Nozzle Applications

  • Grist deposite field conveying
  • Prevent dust from clinging after coating
  • Cement and mill factory
  • Prevent dust when conveying foundation
  • Garbage clearing vehicle push down ash to ground
  • Wipe off dust from cupola
  • Coal ash control when dumping coal
  • Cement factory
  • Dust let from chimney and incinerator

Frequently Asked Questions

Airborne dust can be captured using a water spray. Water sprays have an inherent maintenance advantage over filter systems as they typically do not have to replaced frequently to maintain effective performance, low-pressure drops, and overall system performance.

The premise is that when a water droplet comes into contact with a dust particle, they will agglomerate and the resulting combination will be too heavy to remain suspended in the air stream.

The water droplet/dust particle combination will then fall out of the air stream where the dust can be disposed of.

To obtain the most effective dust removal, the droplets should typically be 1 to 5 times the size of the dust that is being controlled.

If the drops are too small, they will be unable to agglomerate with and knock down the dust particles. Conversely, water drops which are significantly larger than the dust particles from an air barrier around themselves, preventing the dust from gaining direct contact and encapsulation/agglomeration with the water droplet.

Dust Control is especially designed for application in spray booths and dusty working areas.

It is a technique to contain both visible dust and non-visible respirable dust particles present in the atmosphere by spraying of liquids by strategically placing spray nozzles. Dust particles are either made to settle down or Agglomerate with micro liquid spray particles. Its an assembly of drawing liquids from source and deliver the liquids at a specified pressure using spray nozzle and associated system and suppress dust.
  • Humidity: ≥ 60% RH
  • Consumption: 50 m²/L
  • Recommended coat thickness: 10 micron
  • Recommended number of coats: 1
  • Apply every other day for the best results
  • Allow todry at room temperature
  • Application method: Apply with a pressure sprayer
  • Application: Spray Booth Floor
  • Keeps your floor clean
  • Static formula adheres dust and dirt
  • Ready to apply
  • Biodegradable, user and environment friendly
  • Absolutely silicone free
  • Saves cleaning time
  • Custom designed installations can reduce dust to required levels, for environmental and worker safety standards.
  • Smallest misting / fogging droplets give maximum dust control without wetting the area.
  • Inexpensive to operate: Low water and electricity consumption save running costs.
  • Low Operating & Maintenance Cost,  Operating at 70 bar / 1000 PSI.
  • Low Maintenance: With no moving parts in the fogger, you will have years of reliable low-maintenance operation. (<10 micron)