Clamp Spray Nozzles in India
Spray Nozzles Online is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Clamp Spray Nozzles in India. We design nozzles and manufactures exactly to customer specifications and requirements.

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Clamp Spray Nozzle in India. We have marked a distinct and dynamic position in the market by providing a high-quality array of Spray Nozzle Clamp in India. The Clamp spray nozzle mainly are plastic and metal integrated materials. There are several types of clamp nozzles, adjustable clamp nozzle, and pure plastic spray nozzle. It’s usually used in Metal cleaning, degreasing and phosphatizing in surface treatment and low pressure spraying etc. Adjustable ball plastic water spray nozzle with pipe clamp are made of plastic or PP (polypropylene) with long glass fiber to enhance performance of wear-resistance ,corrosion and heat resistance. Clamp is made of high quality food grade 304 or 316 stainless steel. Three models of spraying :Full cone type, Hollow cone type and flat fan spray type. We supply the nozzles for various fields, with the biggest supply for coating or painting treatment or raining test during automobile manufacturing. These nozzle spray clamp holders are ideal for a large number of applications due to its quick release design. Nozzles can be changed quickly and aligned by hand without tools. These holders make maintenance easier as the nozzle tip is easily accessable.

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