Global Clamp Spray Nozzle Adjustable

Adjustable Global Spray Nozzle 26988RS has available spraying mode: hollow cone, full cone and flat fan. Available spray tip: connecting type and whole type.

Global Clamp Spray Nozzle Adjustable

Design Features:

  • The body can be made of Brass or SS (stainless steel), while the screw thread can be made of PVDF, Brass, SS, or Tiatanium.
  • The spray tip can be quickly oriented and direct disassembled without other tools.
  • Available sizes of water pipe for body listed as follows:
  • 26988RS Series Adjustable Global Spray Nozzle:
ModelsClamp SizeClamp Outer Dia.(mm)Pipe Orifice Dia. (mm)

Common Applications:

  • Metal Cleaning
  • Degreasing in surface treatment
  • Phosphatizing in surface treatment
  • Other Low Pressure Spraying Applications.