QJJ Plastic Dismantling Spray Nozzle

QJJ Plastic spray nozzle has easy dismantling design. The nozzle and spray head can be quickly dismantled You can rotate the spray head by 90 degree to install it or split it from nozzle by hand. So it can significantly downtime during maintenance.

QJJ Plastic Dismantling Spray Nozzle

Design Features:

1 Auto orienting spray head

There is an interior block, which can keep nozzle in right position without manual adjustment. Therefore,it can avoid quality problem caused by wrong orientation of nozzle.

2. Anti-corrosion and wearable

Easy split nozzle; Made of Glass Fiber PP (25%), Carbon Fiber PP (40%) and PVDF,featured high intensity, wearability and anti-corrosion; Suitable for washing and rinsing of corrosive solution, such as phosphate, acid & solvent; Max temperature for Glass Fiber PP is 82°C; Max temperature for Carbon Fiber is 120°C; While PVDF is high pure without pigment which can keep high purity in processing,and the max temperature is 148°C under 7kg pressure.

3 Widely capacity choice

Available sizes: 1/8″, 1/4″ and 3/8″; Absolutely windtight between nozzle and spray head with an interior O-shaped NBR windtight circle; Easy Split Nozzle; Special appearance of spray head for grasp; Available spray head shapes: QC flat fan, QB full cone and QA hollow cone; and various capacities & angles are available.

Common Applications:

  • PCB Cleaning
  • Washing & Rinsing
  • Phosphatization for metal parts
  • Cooling
  • Moistening
  • Chemical Manufacture
  • Dust Removing