Flat Fan Spray Nozzle

Flat fan nozzles mainly used for cleaning, washing, descaling etc.

Flat Fan Spray Nozzle

Design Features:

  • Flat fan spray nozzles feature a high impact solid stream and the pattern with the spray angles between 0°-110°.
  • Properly aligned, the specially tapered spray edges make an even coverage.
  • Jet stabilizers installed in the heads of flat fan spray nozzle increase the spray distance and durative power.
  • When spray nozzles are installed on T-shape pipe, branching pipe or bend pipe and the fluid swerves into the nozzle, turbulence occurs, which diffuses the jet flow.
  • The stabilizer minimizes the diffusion and concentrates the jet flow through a thinner and stabler way, offering better performance in jet distance and durative power.

Flat Fan Nozzle Character:

  • Feature a high impact solid stream or a flat fan spray pattern with the spray angles between 0°-100°.
  • Uniform distribution of small to medium sized drops.
  • Spray angle and capacity can be customized.
  • Material: Brass, Stainless steel, Plastic

Common Applications:

  • Chemical cleaning
  • Product washing/rinsing
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Fire suppression/prevention
  • Descaling