Dry Fog Mist Humidifier Nozzle

The high-quality dry fog humidifier nozzle – AE Series produce silk-like ultra-dry mist particle. It is ideal for humidification in narrow space without wetting the wall. Application: Disinfection and deodorization, More..

Dry Fog Mist Humidifier Nozzle

Design Features:

  • High performance humidifier, most compact in the world, maximum humidifying capacity up to 9.6L/h (air pressure is 0.3MPa).
  • Quick disassembly, easy maintenance
  • Remarkable humidification effect, the national patented dry fog humidifier nozzle provides high-quality mist spray, with jet length over 4mm.
  • Use ultra-small water storage tanks, which can’t easily multiply bacteria.
  • Adopt high-tech nozzles, not easy to be blocked.
  • Automatic control by timer and controller.
  • No need to clean the humidifier if a pure water processor is used.

Common Applications:

  • Printing, textile, paper mills
  • Localized humidification and anti-electrostatic around the machine
  • Anti-electrostatic in plastic and film factories and dry fog cooling
  • Humidification for various materials
  • Humidification in the freezer of vegetables, fruits and fresh food
  • Gardening,greenhouse humidification Poultry farms
  • Disinfection and deodorization of garbage dumps
  • Timed automatic humidification and automatic disinfection
  • When a small amount of dry fog is required
  • When installing a humidifier


  • Model: AE-Series
  • Average diameter: 7.5 um
  • Capacity: 2.4L/h (Air pressure is 0.3MPa)
  • Easy-handling installation kits
  • Easy to Install, can install maximum 4 nozzles
  • Material: Body: PP; Nozzle tip: Sus303 and PPS; Nozzle tip: Fluorine glue, Nitrile rubber ring
  • Weight: About 410g (when full of water)