Full Cone Nozzle

Full cone nozzle manufacturer and supplier from Chennai India

Full Cone nozzle use a specially shaped vane placed at the nozzle inlet to give a rotational twist to the fluid flowing through the nozzle. Because of the rotational speed twisting of the fluid, water exiting the nozzle orifice is subjected to centrifugal force and opens up in the shape of a Full Cone. The extent of the angle of the cone is a function of both exit speed (created from the inlet pressure) and the internal design of the nozzle.

It can vary in practice from 15° to 120°.

These nozzles can be also produced as square full cone nozzles where the square shape of the pyramidal spray is obtained by a special design of the outlet orifice

Our Nozzle uses X Vaneare widely used, mainly in steelworks. Their simple design is based on two sloping flat surfaces which induce a rotation of the liquid going through the nozzle, and two small slots on each flat part to produce a full-cone spray pattern. All vanes are secured inside the nozzle body to prevent their moving in case of size changes due to high temperatures or sudden vacuum conditions in the feed pipe


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